Coated material is produced by means of coating the carrier with layers of plasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Our machinery enables various coatings depending on the customer’s needs:

  • printing – applying the colouring agent onto the material which forms a so called cloud i.e. a pattern;
  • varnishing – refining the products by protecting the outer layer of the coated material by applying the varnish. This process protects the product from its wear and adds to the visual effect.
  • calendering (pressing) – applying the pattern onto the surface using the calendering roller.

In manufacturing process of coated materials we use different types of carriers: knits and fabrics. Tagrel produces knits that are used as a carrier on its own. It allows us to have a full control over the manufacturing proces of our coated materials and accounts for the highest quality.

Thanks to the machinery we use we are able to choose a perfectly matching colour and knurl to suit the needs of customers who fuse the natural leather with our products.

We guarantee the quality and reproducibility of our products. We can adjust them to non-standard needs of the customer. To make it possible we have furnished our laboratory in the machinery that allow us to verify the quality of manufactured materials:

Spectrophotometer – it is a a machine that measures the transmission or the reflection of light through the material sample. Due to the high quality of the spectrophotometer and a formulation programme we obtain a complete reproducibility of our products.  Spectrophotometer is also used by our quality department to measure whether colour divergences between the reference sample and the explored one. We use the latest spectrophotometer of the American company X-Rite which for more than 60 years has been a technology provider for managing the process of choosing and managing the colours for various industries.

Lighting cabinet – we use it for a visual assessment of colours in cases of various types of light and also to evaluate the colours of products that cannot be checked by using the spectrophotometer. Our personnel evaluates coated materials in a special colour assessment cabinet in terms of metamerism occurence i.e. change in colour rendition due to various light sources. Dying agent with strong metamerism strongly changes the colour when influenced by changes of the spectrum of light. For verification purposes we use three light sources: warm, cold and day light.

Testing machine – it enables to test physical-mechanical parameteres which account for characteristics of a product i.e.: resisance to stripping, dynamic lengthening, tearing or coating adhesion.

Martindael’s machine – it tests the attrition i.e. the resistance of the material’s surface loss (destruction).  We test not only the new coated materials that we introduce to our offer but also the materials that cme down form our production line to be sure that their quality is always on top level.

Non-inflammability certificates
At the customer’s request we perform the flame retardancy of our products according to the rule BS 5258 and Annex 8 of Regulation No. 118 (vertical flammability) and Annex 7 of Regulation No. 118 (fusibility).


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